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I Love My Panties!
I love wearing nylon panties! I have been wearing them since age eleven or so, when I stole my first pair. They are so soft and sexy. I love the way they make me feel when I move. I wear thigh-highs, baby dolls, and soft slips as well. I have over two hundred pairs of panties now in all styles. My favorite combination are nylon hip-huggers (any color), thigh-highs, and a half t-shirt. I wear this to bed or around the house all day. I love seeing and being in my soft nylon panties. Most of the time, I have multiple pair on. If you have never experienced the sexy soft feeling of panties and lingerie and the freedom it gives, you should try it. Be your own person and enjoy slipping on your soft nylon panties every day! I love my panties! -Timmy, 32

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