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Sissy Husband Caught On Tape!
I'd been married to Janet for five years. Unbeknownst to her, I secretly dressed in her bra, panties, pantyhose and heels when she wasn't home. I thought she never knew, although I was afraid she'd find out and divorce me if she did. One day when she was at work and I was dressed in one of her sexy Vanity Fair panties and a matching bra, I noticed something that I hadn't seen before at the top of her open walk-in closet. Upon inspection, I found it to be a hidden camera. I was mortified. She had been taping my secret cross-dressing for God knows how long. When she got home that night, she walked in with a smug look on her face and said, "So, you found the camera. Did you really think I wouldn't know?" "I'm sorry," I blubbered. But before I could beg her not to divorce me, she said, "Don't be. Everyone at my office has enjoyed your sexual fantasies for the past year. As a matter of fact, we've burned them all to DVD." She then pulled out a DVD case with a label on it that said, “Sissy Husband Caught On Tape!” And there was a photo of me in the bedroom wearing panties and masturbating. "Sales have been incredible on the Internet. So, you're not going to stop wearing my panties for a long time. We need to make a sequel. Now get in the bedroom and put on that pink see-through lace pair that you like so well or I'll divorce you tomorrow." -Darrell, 47

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