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Christmas Panties
In the shops, I notice that they are already displaying the guy's novelty presents. My local supermarket has some that are a small thong that is shiny and made of red satin with a fun logo printed on the front. They have the same in sparkly gold. If it's okay to buy and wear these, then why is it taboo to buy from the women's side of the store? If you displayed these there, they would not look out of place. They both look the same, just that we call one type men's and the other lady's. I just wish that all this could go away and we could buy and wear lovely little panties without having to do it in secret. I do know for sure that if somebody came up with a range of very girlie pants targeted at guys and offered them in a guys store, lots of men would be able to see this as their way into what they have always dreamed of: being able to wear that sort of thing without anybody thinking they are strange or abnormal. -Philip, 27

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