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The Workers Don't Know
I'm on my way to the office today to play boss again. What the workers do not know is that I was soundly spanked this morning over my wife's knee; and that under my powerful business suit, I have on pink floral panties, a matching garter belt, and silky lace-top stockings. My wife makes me wear this stuff all the time. If I put up any resistance, I get put over her knee, she pulls my panties down a bit, and I get spanked, hard. I love her so much for this! It's very hard to concentrate with the constant tugging and pulling of the garters all day. It's a constant reminder of how sexy my wife is and how much I love her. She makes me sleep in matching satin panties and nighties. The feeling is out of this world! She is the greatest woman on the face of the earth! -Tim, 28

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