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Wife Teases Neighbor
My wife and I were having a small house party last month and invited our new neighbor, Scott. It was very hot outside, so my wife and I were dressed very lightly. She was wearing a low-cut white sleeveless blouse and a very short mini skirt. I noticed that Scott couldnít keep his eyes off of my wife. She noticed too. My wife enjoys being a tease and took advantage of the attention she was getting from our newly found friend. He kept putting himself in positions so he could get good looks at her breasts and up her skirt. She was cleverly helping his efforts as well. As everyone was leaving, Scott offered to stay and help clean up. My wife and I both knew why. We told him to go home. Maybe someday we will take this further, but for now it is a great turn-on to just tease. -Brad, 35

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