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Mission Complete
The wife has always pleasured me anally while she gave me oral, occasionally using a little vibrator. I started to yearn for her to go bigger and more intense. She was always reluctant, thinking she did not want to hurt me. I have given her anal sex in the past and she never enjoyed it, saying it was too painful. I started to look at how to get this accomplished without pain and did some exercises that were meant to acclimate one's bottom to expecting sex. It was my mission to get her to give me sex with a dildo. A month into my acclimation, I decided I was ready. I purchased a small toy and a strap-on in hopes that it would get used. I devised a plan. One night, I took her out for wine and dinner and when we got home, I drew her a bath. While she was in her bath, I got things ready complete with soft music, candles, and wine. I made a place on our living room floor for our expected session. I then took the "gifts" in a bag with a glass of wine and went to the bathroom where she was relaxing. I was already in my robe and asked her if she would do something for me. I then told her of my desire to experience this and at the same time, reassured her that I did not have any homosexual tendencies. I removed the gifts from the bag and said that I would be waiting in the living room for her. Five minutes later, she appeared with her robe on and had a devilish smile on her face. I met her with open arms and she whispered in my ear that she was unexpectedly excited. After some heavy playing, she took charge. I left her in complete control and she eventually took me to new heights of sexual enjoyment. It was the most incredible sex I have had. It was so exhausting for me that it took all I had to give her some pleasure in return. When we were finished, I asked her if she thought that this could be a regular practice in our love life and she said definitely. My mission was long and grueling, but satisfactorily completed. -Cliff, 41

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