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My Wife's Camping Trip
My wife, Amanda, and her friends, Jody and Kim, went camping for the weekend. My wife was not in on the planning of this weekend fun trip, which was to be sunning, swimming, and a tubing trip down the river. Each girl was to bring her own tent. The only thing that Jody and Kim failed to let Amanda in on was that they had three guys coming on this trip, too. So, to Amanda's surprise, she had a male companion for this three-day "girls" weekend out. Jody and Kim had known about this and had one of their guy friends bring along one of their younger brothers for Amanda. Amanda had never cheated nor even partied without me like this with other men. Now, being that I wasn't there, I only know what I was told. I'm sure there are bits and pieces left out that Amanda and her friends would like to keep secret, but my little Amanda got drunk and let loose. She went skinny-dipping, showed herself on the tubing trip, and I guess at one time took her top off completely to sun and show to everyone. From what I know, there wasn't much sleeping going on in the tents when the lights went out. I think Amanda found her wild side and maybe got out some sexual tensions that weekend. She now has a new friend, Mike, that she keeps in touch with on the net. They are already planning next summer's camping trip. I hope she has as much fun this time, too. She has really let loose and found her fun side, thanks Kim, Jody, and especially thanks to Mike. -Jack, 35

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