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The Wife Is Away
My wife is out of town on a girl trip, so I have been home alone for three days. As soon as she left, I took out all the goodies. She has bought me panties and a garter skirt before. She knows that I have fun alone while she is gone. I took out her toys and made sure the batteries were charged. I have a few pair of lacy and sheer panties that I indulge in, and a pair of pantyhose as well. My favorite is a sheer, short panty. She loved it so much that she kept it for herself! Well, that one is what brought me all kinds of excitement these past three days. I watched some girl on girl action, read naughty stories online, and saw some shemale pictures. As the girl on girl video was on, I got pretty hot. With the toys right in front of me, I also joined in on the fun they were having. It is such a turn-on to see my package in those sheer pink panties. I am looking forward to my wife getting home so we can get hot and nasty in the days ahead. -Doug, 48

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