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What A Night
Well, at the end of May, I met this wonderful girl, Emily. We clicked instantly. As I saw her sitting down in her wonderfully designed dress that exposed her assets, I decided to go over and talk to her. We made small talk and flirted with each other. It was really cool. Before the night was over, I gave her my number. She called me that same night and we talked for hours. After that conversation, I knew she was the one for me. Everything I did changed. My whole way of life changed. We continued talking as friends for about three weeks. Within those three weeks, things were going fantastic. I mean we saw each other at least once a week and talked everyday. My trick to make it so special was that I didn't do anything sexual at all. We didn't even hold hands. That was until one night when I went over her house after leaving the city for some fun. It was a long trip over to her house, but in the end it was all worth it. As I made my way over there, I didn't plan on anything happening. I just wanted to hang out. But little did I know that you can't stop love. When I got there, she stepped into my car and we parked in the lot across the street from her house. We sat for a while and talked, but then our eyes locked and I started getting this sensation all over my body. We began to kiss. First it was something little. Then it grew into something way more passionate. We just couldn't stop. It was like our bodies were locked together. The next thing I knew, we were having sex. We didn't finish until around four in the morning, but boy was it worth it. That was the best I have ever had. And I still get it. We are now married. -Leo, 28

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