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Twirling In Nylon Nighties
I just adore and love wearing baby doll nylon nighties and negligee's with lots and lots of pretty ribbons and bows made in the sixties to the eighties. I have a real special one and it is baby blue. It's gathered pretty well up under the neck line so it flares out at the bottom. It also has three long ribbons and bows in the front and ribbons on the shoulders, which are nice and long. The negligee is of nylon chiffon and has two pretty bows either side to bring it together. I love to pleasure myself in these nighties whilst playing with the long ribbons and bows. It's fantastic; I love the way the nightie and negligee swirl around my body when walking around my home, and the way the long ribbons float along, too. I sleep in these sexy nighties and constantly play with the long ribbons and sexy pretty bows till I go off to sleep. Believe it or not, I am as straight as an arrow and this is the only thing that I love doing like this. Actually, it gives me a high and it's fantastic. More men should be doing it as well. Nylon next to the skin feels like heaven, it really does, especially when twirling around. -Nick, 37

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