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My wife and I have been married for five years. We both are very sexual in our relationship. My wife is hot; she is 5'7, 130 lbs, long dark brown hair, and child-bearing hips. For a while now, she and I have been talking about a male, male, female threesome. My wife confessed to me that it has been a life long fantasy of hers. Yesterday, I invited my friend over after numerous hints and flirt signals to her. My buddy came over while she was in the shower. When she came out to the living room, she was wearing a tank top and her black lace panties. I could tell that it made both my buddy and I tense. She sat between us and we watched TV. I then started to touch her smooth legs and invited my friend to feel them. My wife looped each of her legs over one of our legs and we began to feel her inner thighs with our hands. This soon turned my wife on fully. My buddy then gave my wife oral, and she returned the favor to both of us. We then tried several positions, but at no time did he ever have intercourse with her; she just gave him oral. -Roland, 32

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