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Girlfriend Dating Another
My live-in girlfriend of six months asked me if I wanted to date any other women. I said no. Then she told me there was a man she wanted to date. This was a secret fantasy of mine, so I told her go for it. She said, “You won’t be upset?” I said, “No.” That evening, we were cuddling in bed. I was giving her oral sex and confessed that I liked the idea of her dating. It was very exciting watching her dress for her Saturday night date. She left and returned to our bed at 2:00 a.m. It was the greatest sex ever. She told her friend how I liked it. When we went to happy hour with her friend, she started quizzing me about sharing my girlfriend. Without any embarrassment, I confessed that I loved it, loved seconds, and wasn't interested in dating myself. It was so much fun telling her friend about my girlfriend’s dates. Men, if you have these same fantasies, just do it. You will love it. -Arnie, 53

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