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More Than Ever
She told me I could use the car since Adam, her boss, could pick her up in the morning on his way to their office. Our second car had been totaled in an accident, and we hadn't replaced it yet. When I was ready to kiss her goodbye, she was putting on her underwear in the walk-in closet. She had just taken a shower and wanted to get ready to be picked up. I kissed her, and off I went. On my way to my office, just a couple of blocks from home, I realized I didn't have the car insurance card. So, I returned home for it. It was in her purse, so I went up to our bedroom. She hadn't gotten dressed yet but had changed her regular panties for thongs and was combing her hair in front of her vanity still without putting on a bra. To my question, she answered she didn't want panty lines with her new cotton pants. I was in a hurry, so I kissed her real quick and told her to hurry up for it was getting late. In fact, I waved to Adam who arrived when I was just leaving. Later that day, I picked her up at her office. When we got home, I saw her thongs hanging on the shower rod. She was wearing a different pair of thongs. I didn't want to ask, but I was sure she had been with Adam that morning. For being a very innocent, naive and conservative woman, I never thought she was able to have those types of desires. She had sex with another guy, and I admire her more than ever. -Kurtis, 42

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