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Late Night Skirt Walking
Tonight my wife had a game to go to. I was cleaning, and she always leaves her clothes laying around. There is this black, silk bra she has that gets me every time I see it. I started to put it on. Then, I had to go get her black panties. Next, I grabbed a fitted black shirt she has that looks almost like silk. Then, a blue jean skirt. None of her shoes really fit me, but I didn't want to mess with the high heel straps. So, off I go outside at 9:00 pm, and I ended up walking around the entire block. I came across two cars driving by. Oh, my God, what a feeling! I feel so sexy. I have socks in the bra to make it look like I have a chest. I am still dressed up as I type this. The sight of boobs on me just turns me on. I am going to see about doing another pass on the block. Maybe I will try my luck with the larger block. What if I get caught? Oh, the thrill. I love wearing these clothes! -Roger, 33

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