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Amazing Thanksgiving Ride
I was twenty-eight when I married my wife, and we have been married for seven years. Every year we go to her house for Thanksgiving, and her whole family is there; her two sisters, a brother, and her mother. One Thanksgiving, I excused myself from the table and left for the bathroom. While I was standing up going to the bathroom, my brother-in-law slips into the bathroom with me. He didnít say anything, and he pulled off my pants and all of his clothes. He grabbed my legs and slid his hand up to my package. I didn't want to say anything while I was in there because I couldnít take my eyes off his smooth, muscular chest and his big, bulging pants. He got on his knees and began giving me oral. He looked up at me and smiled when he was done. I slipped out of the bathroom and told my still-current wife that I had to get something out of the car but that I couldnít find it. My brother-in-law looks at me, and every so often we enjoy that amazing ride! -Aaron, 35

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