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I have a friend named Perry. We get along nicely even though we have very little in common. There is one thing that we have in common, though, and that is we are both attracted to each other’s moms (both of our parents are divorced). One day, when we were sleeping over at his house talking about each other’s moms, my friend said that he suddenly had an idea but wouldn't tell me anything. He only said that he wanted to sleep over at my house. Two nights later, we were sleeping at my house. I was almost asleep when Perry said he needed to go to the bathroom. A little while later, I heard something that sounded like screeching coming from my mom's room. To make sure she wasn't in trouble, I ran to her room and peeked in. I then realized she wasn't screeching. She was moaning, from an orgasm. Perry was having sex with my mom. I was shocked. I never said anything about my knowing to anyone for about two weeks. I was sleeping over his house again and Perry was asleep. I was lying awake thinking about the incident two weeks earlier when Perry’s mom came down. I gasped when I saw her. She was wearing a lacy bra with a sexy, matching thong. She had a huge, beautiful chest and a perfect butt. She heard me and said she was sorry for waking me and said she had just come down to grab something. I couldn't stand it. As she was walking away, I slapped her perfect butt and said, “Good night, toots.” It felt great on my hand. She whipped around and looked shocked. I said her son did my mom, so I get to do his mom. She just looked at me for ten seconds and finally said, "Seems fair." I couldn't believe it as she led me up to her room. She stripped down fully, and we started making out. Then we had sex for six hours in almost every position. She moaned and acted as slutty as possible. I made sure that my friend and my mom never got back together, but me and his mom, well you get the picture. -Jon, 19

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