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My Slutty Mom
I have a very slutty mom. She is probably the hottest mom in town, so all the guys are always eyeballing her. Even my friends have crushes on my mom, and once they got their wish. I had two friends over one day when my mom was wearing a tight shirt with a mini skirt. I tried to watch TV with my friends, but all they were doing was eyeballing my mom who was teasing them. She kept bending down to "pick something up" in front of one of my friends so many times that he reached her skirt and grabbed her. She pretended it didn't happen and walked to my other friend. She actually said to him that she hid something in her cleavage, but her arms hurt and she didn't want to move them, and asked if he could reach under her shirt and get it out of her breasts. My friend, of course, obeyed. Then she said for me to go outside and get some firewood, which was weird because we didn't have a fireplace. I tried to explain this to her, but she threatened to punish me, so out I went. I came back one hour later to see nobody downstairs. I went upstairs to my mom's room when her door suddenly opened and out she came with my two friends. My friends looked star truck. My mom's hair looked messy, and her shirt was inside out. I also couldn’t help notice my mom's bra was gone. Suffice it to say, my mom had a threesome with my best friends. -Glenn, 19

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