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I've been cross-dressing in some form ever since I tried on tights when I was about nine. I was immediately fascinated by the look and feel of them on my legs. After that, I would wear my mum/sisterís tights whenever I could. The first time I came, I was wearing my sisterís sheer navy tights and barely touched myself before I found myself completing in them! Gradually, I started to wear other things like panties, bras, and skirts. When I went to college, I was able to start getting more clothing. Now, I have a good collection of female clothing, lingerie and heels. Hosiery is still my biggest fetish. It just turns me on so much to feel smooth stockings or tights on my legs. I have a girlfriend who doesn't know about my fetish, but I fantasize about being caught and forced to cross-dress and be a dominant woman's plaything. When I cross-dress, I think of myself as Tina and love to take photos of myself en femme. -Tom, 30

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