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I was always overweight with excess breast fat/tissue. My mom and her sisters raised me in the 1950ís. From about eight to ten years old, mom would let me watch her getting dressed from being fully nude to fully dressed. I saw her put her bra on, and I thought I should have one of those, too. So, one night, I put one on and loved it! I was very self-conscious and ashamed of my breast fat. I would hate having to go without a sweat shirt in gym in junior high school. When mom remarried, we would vacation along a river in Northern California. I had to go without a shirt, and I overheard an older teenage boy say, "He should have a bra on." Well, that did it! I figured out my size and got bras and panties any way I could. Going to high school and college, I had my own bra and panty collection that I would put on whenever I could. This basically ruined my life! I had girlfriends and was married, but I would always want to put bras and panties on whenever I could. My Asian ex-wife caught me wearing hers. She divorced me, and I have lived alone since. To make this long story short, this has been going on for fifty-five years now. I have just bought my twenty-fifth sexy bra, a size 38C, aqua blue embroidered lace bra. I can't wait until I can put it on tonight with matching panties, thigh-high black nylons, and a sexy black nightie. No one knows what I do, and I wonder what my ex-wife would say or do if she could see me all dressed up in my sexy underwear. My grown-up son and daughter don't even know that I dress up. I'd like to tell them, but it would be too embarrassing and would ruin our good relationship. So, I will just have to stay an "in house cross-dresser". That's fine with me, and I'll keep doing just that! -Franklin, 65

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