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The Best Is Yet To Come
Once when we were on vacation, spending time on a nude beach nearby, we'd spent the day naked, basking in the sun, swimming and getting each other pretty aroused. We'd made love in the water even though there were others on the beach within yards, but we didn't care. When we'd finished for the day, we put on our clothes and headed to our favorite local eatery for a bite before we headed back to our hotel room to shower and get ready to go out that night. After we placed our orders, we made our way to the outside area behind the place to claim a picnic table under the trees in the shade. Then I went back inside to get a couple of cold beers for us. When I came back outside, I noticed a couple of younger guys, maybe in their early twenties, sitting at another table with stupefied looks on their faces. Strolling around behind them, I was able to see what had caught their attentions. My wife at the table across from them was sitting with her legs apart. From where the guys were sitting, they could see straight up her skirt. I chuckled and went back to sit down with her. I told her what was going on, expecting her to be surprised, but she told me she knew and was turned on by the idea of two young hunks looking at her with such open lust. Well, we decided to put on a private show for them. My wife spread her legs wider for them and slid her hand down under the table for their benefit! Then she pulled my hand down with hers right there in front of them. Right after she had completed, our names were announced for our food, and I got up to go fetch it. When I returned, the two young guys were sitting at our picnic table across from my wife chatting with her and nodding their heads up and down. Then they got up and left. When I sat down, I asked my wife what that was about. She told me she'd been so turned on by them watching that she'd told them where we would be tomorrow on the nude beach and had promised them a much hotter show than todays. I can hardly wait! -Rusty, 35

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