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Longing For A Repeat
I have always fancied my sister-in-law. Ever since her late teens, I have longed to see her naked. I never thought it would happen. But one day when she was twenty-two and I was mid-thirties, she came to stay with my wife and I as we were going to their cousinís wedding. In the morning, my wife went into town to get the flowers and stuff, and her sister stayed with me. She got into the bath. I heard her call. When I went to the foot of the stairs, there she was at the top, dripping wet and naked. She wanted some shower gel. The sight got me hot, and I went to get the gel. I took it to the door and knocked. She told me to bring it in, which I did. Then she asked me to scrub her back. Oh boy, my wifeís sexy sister naked in the bath wanting me to scrub her back. I did this. Then she wanted me to scrub her front. I got a raging erection, and she noticed. She told me to get naked and get in with her. We scrubbed each other and played with each otherís bits but did not have sex. I long for a repeat, but it has not yet happened. -Morris, 45

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