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Wearing Women's Panties
Hey, that's my subject. I am straight as an arrow, and I love wearing women's panties. They are comfortable and feel like I am almost into a woman's genitalia. Sometimes, I will put a skirt on. It all started when I was about four. I ran out of underwear, so my mother had me wear my sister's panties. It has been heaven ever since. I am sure a lot of straight men wear women's panties. With those girlie magazines (as I look at their pictures), I have panties on and get all excited. It is much better than using my bare, masculine hands. I've had girlfriends, and their panties were so good that I had to wear them. This is a fetish that most straight men should get into. It beats harassing a woman for sex, etc. It even beats cheating on your wife or girlfriend. When I go to the massage spa, I go there wearing panties so that when I strip down, the girl will laugh and say, "Sexy, sexy man." If I go to a nude beach, I will go there wearing some panties. -Perry, 47

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