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Man Needs Dominant Woman
I confessed several months ago the following to my female partner of my true inner needs that I had suppressed all of my life. To my surprise, she took me up on this and our lovemaking has suddenly changed radically for the better. What I confessed was the following: I really need you to be the dominant top in our sexual relationship and to often command me to get on my knees and please you in every way. Tell me, command me in the exact way I am to kiss you. I need to do this until I hear you moan. I must be used to give you extreme pleasure. This is what turns me on the most, what I need from you the most. This is what makes me the most excited. If you truly can do these things above to me, enforce me to service you like this, then you will have me and I will marry you. I need a wife that will truly make her husband submit to her sexual powers and come under her command. You have to rule me, own me, command me to be your sexual slave and servant to make me able to reach those levels of excitement that I need. This is something that no other woman in this world can do to me. I hope you can really understand that I really need this, a very sexually dominant wife. -Vince, 49

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