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From My Lips To Her Feet
I work with a woman who's a lot older than me and a little overweight. But, she is attractive and has nice feet that she's always removing from her shoes to put on display. I made a bet with her a couple of weeks ago that she would not get information by the end of the week from a customer that we needed in order to quote a decent size job. I jokingly told her if she got it, I would kiss her feet, to which she replied, "You'll live to regret those words." That was exactly what I wanted to hear because I knew there was a fifty/fifty chance it could happen. Well, she called the client and got the info by that Friday and put it on my chair in my office. I am meeting with her today to come up with the quote, and I'm not sure if she will "collect" on the bet, but I'm hoping that she will. I'll probably remind her if she forgets by saying something like, "Was I supposed to kiss or lick your feet?" My next bet will be that if we get the order, do I now offer to suck her toes or do I leave it up to her to determine my task? I'm not sure, but I will add a Part Two to my story. Until next time. -Vince, 42

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