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Restroom Sex
I once stopped at a rural rest area at around 1:30 a.m. to take a leak. I thought I was completely alone when then this hot young trucker comes in. He begins playing with himself in one of the stalls as I wash my hands. I can feel him watching me. We look at each other. He smiles and I smile. I touch him and he kisses me. He unbuttons my jeans and as they fall to my ankles, he sees the sheer black pantyhose I am wearing. He whistles out loud, and I blush. He tells me he thinks pantyhose on a dude is hot. He puts me up on a sink and proceeds to have sex with me for the next twenty minutes. When we are done, my pantyhose are full of runs. So, I peel them off and give them to him to remember me by. He tells me he'll remember me with them every day. -Tomas, 35

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