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Thank Goodness it's Friday
Years ago, my wife and I both had offices where we could shut the door for privacy. Sometimes, we would quietly exchange suggestive phone calls during the work day, knowing that no one else could hear. We worked only about four blocks from each other then. Just a moment or two after five o'clock on Friday, my wife called me up to tell my how happy she was and that she would be there as fast as she could. I knew what she had in mind. The few offices in my part of the building were empty except for me. One of my co-workers had hidden a Penthouse in his desk. I had this magazine waiting and opened to certain pages when my wife arrived. She was already turned on, but when I showed her these photos, she was even more turned on. She would start with a kiss just like the one in the magazine, but wouldn't settle for a kiss. In no time flat, we had proceeded past the stage of the photos and had finished what had never got started in the magazine. A few minutes later, we straightened ourselves up and walked out right past the security guards, who we hope, were none the wiser. -Ross, 54

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