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Are you a cheater or commited to the one you love. Take this test and find out!

1. Do you ever catch your lover lying to you?
Just little white lies that are meant to spare my feelings.
I haven't caught my lover in the act, but I suspect some of those 'late nights at work' were straight out lies.
Many times.
So many times that I've installed Spyware on her laptop.
No way!

2. Why did most of your lover's previous romantic relationships end?

It just didn't work out.
I can't get any details about what happened.
My current mate cheated on his lover.
A mutual friend told me my lover had a wandering eye.
This is my lover's first serious relationship.

3. Is your new love afraid of commitment?

Not with the right person.
We haven't talked about it.
We don't even go to the same restaurant twice.
My lover crosses the street whenever we pass a bridal shop.
No. My lover's been dying to shack up with someone, but just couldn't find the right person.

4. Does your lover flirt with other people in front of you?

My lover may look, but never talks.
Sometimes, but only if there's a real knockout around.
Occasionally, and I don't mind.
All the time, even with the mail carrier.

5. Does your lover seem dissatisfied with your body?

Not at all. My lover says it's perfect.
No, but occasionally my lover pokes my stomach.
Sometimes. We keep going to the health club on dates.
No. I'm one of the few naked bodies my mate has seen.

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