Wedding Sex

Wedding sex is always the best, especially if there is a break between the wedding and reception. With every wedding that I've gone to with every girlfriend I've had and my current wife, the sex was the hottest. The romance, the close dancing, etc. As best man for a friend, my girlfriend and I traveled a distance for the event. The hotel we were staying at was sweet and came with the surprise of a giant mirror on the ceiling, which was the hottest. My girlfriend and I were usually horny as she was a drop-dead babe, and I had enough athletic energy for a soccer team. We didn't need much motivation for a hump session. This room with a "view" and this opportunity to be a self voyeur was a new and exciting. We did my obligatory appearance at the rehearsal and dinner. Then we disappeared back to the room for some action. We didn't emerge until noon the next day, gathering at the pool for a pre-wedding lunch. Of course, the question, "Where have you been hanging out?" came out, to which I could only offer up a wide grin which gave me away. We went to the wedding and then had a few hours "rest" before the reception. So, we dashed back to the room for more action and then had a blast at the reception, dancing close and hot. When the bride and groom parted, I only hoped that their wedding night sex was as hot as the stuff I enjoyed that entire weekend.

— Alexander, 36