My Sexy Mom

I am proud to have a sexy mom. She always helps me out. One time she slept with my teacher to give me a good grade. One time she flashed a cop to not give me a ticket. One time she strip danced in front of my guy friends to make them happy when we were bored, since then all of my friends are always over at my house. One time I really liked this girl and wanted to have sex with her. Her dad was really strict about all the sexual activates and wouldn't let her get out of the house for a long time. When I talked to my mom about it, she said she would take care of it. She came to pick me up from her house when her dad was also home. She purposely came in a really sexy dress where you could see half of her boobs. It was so tight that you could see her body clearly and short up to her thighs. We were in a living room, and I could see her dad getting hard and horny as my mom would keep seductively walking and bending down. My mom was looking so hot that it not only turned on my girlfriend's dad, but she also turned my girlfriend and me on. That day, my mom just teased him and left with me. The next day, he came to my house out of nowhere with his daughter. As soon as my mom saw her dad, she came downstairs in her really see-through white tank top with a black bra inside and her tight booty shorts. I could see that her dad got hard and horny again. As he started to flirt with my mom, my mom would tease him more and more. Finally, when he got to the point where he started feeling on my mom's ass, my mom turned around and said that in order for him to have sex with her; he would have to let her daughter have sex with me. She also explained to him that girls' feelings are just like guys' feelings, and he should let his daughter have fun, too. He surprisingly agreed. I took my girlfriend to my room and had sex for about two hours. Meanwhile, my mom had sex with him for two hours in the living room. Since that day, he comes to my house at least once a week and has sex with my mom. His daughter has not only been having sex with me but also with a lot of other guys, too, which also turns me on. I think she is the best mom in the whole world.

— Derek, 19