A random chat partner pops up in ICQ and we start talking and trading pictures etc. She is a Venezuelan lady and lives in Florida and I am in California. I had to attend a technical school in Memphis, so I bought her a ticket to meet me there. We spent an amazing weekend together between my two weeks of classes partying on Beale Street. She flew out to California a couple times and we always had fun. Then, she met a guy in Florida and went on her way. She had confessed that her sister had actually been the one I chatted with the first time on ICQ. Now, her sister starts chatting with me. One thing leads to another and we meet in Cozumel (half way between Venezuela and California). A few months later, we met up in Honduras. A few months after that, I wanted to go to Australia for my birthday. I offered to pay her airfare if she would accompany me. We spent a wonderful three weeks together wandering up and down the coast from Sydney to Cairns. Definitely some memories I will never forget! Another few months and I flew to Venezuela to see her. Things weren't the same for some reason. She suggested that I should meet her other sister who lives on the east coast somewhere. An image of me standing in a wedding ceremony popped up on the inside of my eyelids with all three of them standing there. I had to decline her offer. Two was enough! LOL! I will never forget either of them and the great times we had.

— Jerry, 41