My Wife's Massage

My wife's libido has increased a lot since she is having a daily massage. Almost every night when she gets home from Arthur's garage, she begs for sex. She used to be totally opposite, so I decided to investigate. Arthur is a friend of ours who has started a massage business in his garage a couple of blocks away. I called Arthur and told him I wanted to watch while he massages my wife but without her knowing. He told me no problem, but only once. He didn't want to get in trouble if Jennifer found out. The day after I was talking to Arthur when she arrived, I took my position, and Arthur let her in. To my surprise, she didn't go to the changing room. She just leaned over the massage bed in a very suggestive manner. Arthur approached her, slid his right hand underneath her skirt, and asked her to lay down. He finished rolling up her skirt to her hips. Arthur started to massage her buttocks without removing her thongs. Then he moved down to her inner thighs while she opened her legs slightly. He was doing circular moves with his thumbs very close to her thong string. It was clear he was gently touching close to her most intimate part. Soon she lifted her butt and said, "You are ready for your husband. See you tomorrow." I am glad Arthur is preparing my wife for me, but according to her readiness and submission to him, I know Arthur will end up finishing her out. I hope she still begs me for sex if that happens.

— Tobias, 41