Early Bird Wife

Jennifer is pretty conservative in general. Although her dressing style was not very formal, it was traditional. When it came to sex, my wife tended to keep her thoughts and emotions to herself. Our frequency was low, once or twice every couple of months. She likes when I prolong foreplay, but I don't do it very often since usually I experience an orgasm before intercourse. It seemed like she needed to be halfway aroused before our encounters, so I had a plan. She thinks she is a little bit overweight - which she is not - so I gave her a gift certificate for a fitness club right after work including a weekly full body massage. I just expected that body contact would get her inclined or at least relaxed for later sex. She really liked the idea of loosing weight - which she doesn't need - and told me she was going to begin as soon as she could. Things got better. Our frequency increased lightly, and she was definitely more relaxed during foreplay. One day when we were kissing and caressing, I thought she was not wearing any underwear. I didn't say a word, but when pulling her pants down, I realized she was wearing a thong. I didn't want to ruin the moment, in fact I really liked her new look. I decided to prolong the foreplay. I pulled the string aside and wanted to please her orally, but she immediately told me to finish her since she was ready for intercourse. During our after-sex conversation, she told me she bought some thongs to make it easier for her masseur to massage her bottom. Wearing no underwear she didn't feel comfortable when he slid his hands under the towel to reach her inner thighs and buttocks. Wearing thongs, she just didn't have to worry. With the time, thongs were replacing her traditional panties. She began to wear thongs everyday to work. "Thongs make me feel just great," she told me, "I am relaxed on the massage table. I don't have visible panty lines anymore. I feel sexier, and you like them." She was just right, so I didn't complain. One night, Jennifer told me I had to take our kids to school during the week since she had an important project to work on. She was going to get up earlier in order to work out before 7:00 a.m. The morning after, she looked very attractive. She told me it was her massage day, so she was wearing her skirt in order to save time. That way she wouldn't have to go to the changing room before meeting her masseur. I began to be curious about these massages, so I arranged to be at the fitness club for her next massage. She didn't show. She didn't go home either. Her secretary told me Jennifer went out after lunch for a business meeting with three of her workmates and none of them came back. It was kind of late, so I called her cell phone. She didn't answer. Her boss didn't answer his phone, either. So I decided to stop by Arthur's house. Here in the Midwest, nobody locks doors, so I just walked in the house after knocking on the door. It seemed there was nobody home until I heard Jennifer's voice from the basement. I went down the stairs, and there she was on her knees bent over a weight bench. Arthur was massaging her legs. I decided to watch until they saw me. I didn't want to stop such a great moment. If they saw me, I was going to pretend I had just gotten there. Arthur gently moved from legs to buttocks to inner thighs over and over again. I didn't know how long he had been caressing my wife. But he didn't look aroused. Her boss began to please her orally. I could not believe all this. My wife began to get seriously aroused. She turned around and spread her legs wide open. Her boss reached down and continued pleasing her orally. She then asked him to stop because she was getting too aroused and wanted to go home to leave something to her husband.

— Tobias, 42