Four Sexy Girls

So, I went to this night club alone. I was single at the time, so I mingled. I had sex with four girls in a month and a half, and man, they were hot. One was blonde with huge boobs; one was a brunette with small boobs but a beautiful, sexy body. Then there was another brunette, who was totally hot and had obviously had a lot of sex before ours. She had the perfect breasts, all round and very big. The fourth one was a sexy Asian girl with pretty big breasts and a great body. First, I met the blonde girl. She took me into some kind of staff lounge at the night club with a couch, and no one in there. She locked the door and did some moves on me, and then she took off her shirt. As if her boobs were not big enough under the shirt, they looked even bigger with that push-up bra. I had already taken my shirt off, and she was encouraging me to take my shorts off. I did, and soon we were all naked, and we had some real sex. She gave me her bra when we were done. Man, they must've been the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen, until I met the brunette. I'm talking about the one with the perfect boobs. I met this one also at a club on a different night at a different place. I led her into the men's room, and we started making out like crazy. Soon, I was at her house, which happened to be just around the corner. She led me to her bedroom, and this is when it started to get really sexy. She locked the door and started stripping right before my eyes. When she was completely naked, she started acting like a model for Sports Illustrated or something. She knew all the right moves. We had the most amazing sex I have ever had. We continued to have it every day after that. Sometimes we had it in the shower, and that was when I really got to see her features. Then, I met the other brunette with the small boobs and a sexy body. I wasn't really crazy about her at first, until she got undressed. We met at a hotel. I was there with my friends, skiing. It was the middle of the night, and I was going to my friend's room to get my cell phone I had left over there. As I was going back to my room, I saw the brunette peeking out of her room across the hall. She urged me to come into her room, and we started to flirt. I started to get her drift. Long story short, we both undressed and wow, her body was surprising. We had nice sex. Then came the Asian girl. I met her while at my old girlfriend's house (when we were still together) and the Asian girl was there. She was her friend, I guess. My girlfriend was sexy but not sexy enough for my needs. I'm the kind of guy that you would see making out with a hot girl on the street corner. Anyway, my girlfriend and I started making out, but I couldn't take my eyes off of the other girl. So, we were eating lunch, and we introduced ourselves. Her name was Kim. My girlfriend, Carrie, said she had to take a shower because she was going out to a movie with her friends that night. Kim and I were alone. She seemed to be attracted to me, too, because she started fixing her bra strap constantly. We went into the guestroom and started to strip on the bed. I felt uncomfortable because Carrie was upstairs, but I was going to break up with her soon anyway. We had great sex, and we continued to have it for the following days until one day when Carrie caught us. She came into my house, and I guess I didn't hear her come in. She came into my room where we were having sex. She was so mad. I don't blame her, but I couldn't help having sex with this beautiful and, more importantly, sexy woman. So, those are the four sexiest women I have ever had sex with. I have had a lot of sexual experiences, as you can see.

— Cletus, 23