She Makes Me Complete

I don't know where to start, so I just will. It's a beautiful night, still all light out, and my girl and I just got done knowing each other. Every time we're together it's like the first time. She's the best. She makes me feel like I'm the best, too. I knew what it meant to be lonely before her, and I also knew what it was like to be the man. Now, everything's in total. I just snuck out to the deck to just recoup here with some drinks, to reflect. I think you've got to stop and think once in a while. Otherwise, you take it for granted. Me, I have the best girl, and life is a fresh and amazing thing. When you know someone for real, like you connect in every way, including Biblically, it's like you know why you're here. I can't imagine anything better than a nice night, the right girl, and some top shelf. It's a grateful thing! I'm complete. When I go back inside, I'm going to thank her, too.

— Matthew, 22