Her Maid

My wife caught me wearing her panties one night. She said she was cool with it. She then said she wanted to see me all dressed up in her clothes. I shaved my body and put on nylons, a garter belt, panties, a bra, mini-skirt, and a top. She put make up on me and a wig. She then took a bunch of pictures of me dressed as a woman. I was having great fun until she told me that from now on she was the boss unless I wanted those pics on the internet. I agreed. She was now the boss. Now, I must dress as a French maid whenever I am home. More than that, I am her maid and must do all of the house work, cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, etc. She now invites girlfriends over, and I must stay dressed as a maid and serve all of them drinks and food. They also spank me whenever I am too slow. I like this, but sometimes I'm humiliated, too.

— Prince, 30