Panty Thief

It started when I was really young, and the overpowering desire to steal and wear girls' panties is still with me. I don't always steal them but will try to sneak a moment to try them on when I'm in someone's house. I first started looking through and wearing the panties and bikinis of the girl I grew up across the road from. She was wearing silk panties when we were very young. I love the feel of silk and satin on my arse. If I'm at someone's house, I'll say I'm going to the toilet. Then, if possible, I'll go to their bedroom and go through the girls' panties. Maybe I'll steal a pair or just take them to the toilet, put them on, and masturbate before putting them back. I also steal from clotheslines and just love it when I find a pair of white, shiny, stretch, silk g-string or full panties.

— Oliver, 25