Knicker Wearing

I was caught wearing knickers by my best mate on a weekend trip to Black Pool last August. The first night we got there, we had too much to drink. We went back to the hotel we were staying at. We had a few more drinks. Then I forgot I had on a pair of big knickers. We started to get undressed. He stood there, mouth wide open, and he called me "fit to burn" because of me in those big knickers. I tried to tell him I liked to wear them, but he blew a gasket. He said that he was going to treat me like a woman if I wanted to dress like a woman. He did give it to me for an hour. After he finished, he said he would keep my knicker-wearing secret if I kept his secret (that he did a guy). We are still mates, and I still wear my knickers, but I have to show him what colors I have on every week.

— Georgie, 48