Praying For Release

I am a panty wearing guy. I have not worn "tightie whities" for about thirty years. The idea of wearing anything other than nylon panties repulses me. I truly enjoy the fit and the feel of nylon, nylon spandex, and satin panties. Most people think I am just making all of this up, but it is true. I have numerous pairs of panties of all kinds. I truly believe that the companies that make panties are beginning to understand that there are a lot of straight, married men that enjoy the fit and feel of panties and they are beginning to make them suitable for either sex. Over the past two or three weeks, I have found some video chat locations, and there were several that have asked to see my panties, and I obliged them. They seemed to like seeing me in them. Some wanted me to show a little more than my panties, and I must confess, I did show some of them my penis and how small it was. Some of them directed me to take it out of my panties and play with it. I began to get worried about this situation and prayed for release. Finally, I was able to disconnect the video camera. I cut the cable up and threw it away because I don't want to be controlled by something like that. But I do still like nylon panties, and I also wear nylon sleep shirts.

— Clifford, 47