Worst Drunken Hookup

I was staying with my thirty-seven-year-old aunt (the wife of my mom's brother) in New Hampshire for Spring Break last month. We went out drinking for St. Patrick's Day and got back to the house very drunk. When we got home, she broke out some wine. We polished off three bottles of wine a piece in about an hour. She and I were very drunk at this point. When I'm drunk at school, it's generally at a fraternity party and I start making out with whatever female that is close by. So, you can see where this is going now. I started making out with my uncle's wife, who was surprisingly unfazed. We had sex twice that night, without a condom, and passed out naked next to each other. When I woke up the next morning, I was still pretty drunk and thought that I was back at school. All I could see was her back, so I nudged her awake and started having sex with her and passed out again after I was done. I woke up two hours later, finally sober, and saw my naked aunt next to me, and I screamed! The next few hours were pretty awkward, but we forgave each other since we were so drunk that we didn't realize what we were doing. We just pretended like nothing ever happened between us (and honestly, we didn't remember it that clearly anyway). Now I dread waking up every morning for fear that she will tell me that she is pregnant with my child.

— Willie, 20