Step Mom

My parent's divorced when I was about seven. I lived with my dad most of the time. He ended up remarrying this hot blonde woman. One day, I was visiting when I had to use the bathroom. When I got in and pulled down my pants, my step-mom stepped out of the shower. She was like, "Oh, didn't expect to see you in here." My dad was at work at the time. She was naked and had this awesome body with all the right curves. I found her looking at my manhood which is quite impressive. Slowly, she reached over and grabbed it and starting rubbing it. Soon, I got a nice erection. Then we gave each other awesome oral sex. Then I undressed fully, sat her down on my manhood, and walked with her into the bedroom. We then had awesome sex in a ton of positions. She moaned really loud and acted as slutty as can be. She said the orgasm was great. We finished about half an hour before my dad came home. We cleaned up and acted like nothing happened (but we were at it for about six hours). I left. Then she told me about five months later she was pregnant with my kid and that my dad thought it was his. Even though she had my kid, and my son has no idea I'm the dad, I will never forget that day of awesome sex. I was only twenty-three at the time, and my wife already had a kid of mine and she doesn't know either. So what if she got pregnant? I will never forget that my step-mom is awesome in bed!

— Kevin, 35