High Heels and Stockings

I have to admit my fetish for high heels and stockings. For all of my life, I would always check out women in public who like to wear high heel shoes. My wife likes to wear them in public as well. At least a five-inch heel is a must for her. I always worship and love on her feet when we return home from a night out on the town. I recently discovered that it was time for me to get high heels of my own. I wear a size thirteen in men's shoes, and it is hard to find women's high heels to fit me. I finally found a website that has my size. I have ordered a pair of five-inch stiletto pumps in black leather and red patent. I also have a pair of seven-inch black platforms and a pair of six-inch clear platform mules. I love to wear them around the house and in the backyard pool area while my wife is at work. I have added a collection of black stockings with a black leather garter, beige stockings, and new to my collection is a black fishnet bodysuit with an open crotch. I often get very horny wearing these things, and now my fetish is fulfilled. I have my own little secret.

— Toby, 44