The Kama Sutra

I live in Texas, and I'm a young Indian guy. On the weekend, some of my friends and I get hot under the collar and go out in the town. A few times, we have gone to the Red Light District where there's a lot of ethnic honeys and erotic parlors. We went to a particular Indian massage and rubdown place where the wall decorations were Kama Sutra paintings and sculptures. The women were young Indians that dressed in leotards and lingerie. I went in first while the other guys went in separate rooms. Needless to say, I got the rubdown of my life. While unbuttoning my shirt, I told the girl that she was blazing hot. She replied, "I get that all the time." I hopped on the bed with my back facing up. She began her work with the massage. Then, she whispered sweet words about my back. After she was done with my back, I flipped around, and she removed her top. Time for the entree, the Kama Sutra, the man to play the man. She had the body of a Kama Sutra Goddess and golden henna hair. I did her from the front and back. Afterwards, I got my shirt on and met the other guys at the entrance. We had the days of our lives. We told each other we'll do it again next time.

— Rabini, 22