Neighbor Needed Help

It was the last day of school, and summer vacation was the next day. I spent an hour of my last day looking at a girl. We were in a class where we sat across from the other half of the class, and she sat facing me. I went home immediately and lay on my bed, imagining she was there talking with me. I never heard the door open or close until I heard footsteps almost to my door. I jumped up thinking it was my mom and feared I would be in real trouble. Instead, it was my recently divorced neighbor who was thirty-eight years old. She had been married four times already and was looking for her Mr. Right. I had fantasized about her many times but that was about all. She was a looker, which was why she got men so easily. She was at my bedroom door. I was embarrassed as I stood there. Jessie told me she was sorry for interrupting me, but said that she needed my help. She needed her car out of the shop. She said she could help me if I wanted. Did I ever! We got in my car and started the long trek across town. She asked me several questions while we drove. After we picked up her car, she wanted me to come over to her place for dinner. When we got there, she said it was really hot and suggested that we ought to cool off in the shower. I was on fire. We then went to her bed and, for the very first time, I had sex. It was heaven. We had several more sessions of sleeping together. I made up a story for Mom so that I could stay with her for the week. She was so awesome. Still, after many years and a wife and family, I fantasize about her.

— Lawrence, 55