Needs A Lesson

Nothing arouses me more than belting my buttocks! Anytime I belt my buttocks, my penis quickly rises even after ejaculating. I used to give myself more than a hundred lashes and ejaculated multiple times. Of course, it's tough to beat yourself up. The problem is to find someone else to belt my buttocks (or use a brush). Most people think that's weird, even if they secretly enjoy it. I am kind of reluctant to get involved with weirder-than-me S&M enthusiasts from the internet. I am afraid they might strangle me or something. Fortunately, my coworker agreed to come and give me a whipping. She is in her forties, but is pretty kinky. I am going to meet her this Friday and play a game of, "I was a very bad boy, and my mommy will teach me a lesson."

— Ray, 23