When my kids were young, my wife and I had a babysitter for them. I had the hots for her. She was in college. She was a red-head with great legs, nice curves, and a knock-out smile. One night, I was out with the guys at a bar when I saw her there drinking alone. I talked with her, and we had a few drinks. We got a little friendly with each other and started kissing. One thing led to another, and we took a ride to her place. While in the heat of passion, her roommate came out and started pleasuring herself while watching us. We told her to join, and she did. I gave oral to her, and her roomie gave it to me. Then we had more sex. I was gone the whole night. When I got home the next morning, my wife didn't have a clue I was out all night. The babysitter came as usual, and we kept up the affair until she graduated and moved away. The sex was great, and I will never forget that glorious night.

— Ted, 41