My Sexy Dancing Wife

I buy my wife really sexy things like dresses, tops, heels, skirts, etc. for her to wear when we go out dancing. I do it because it gets me so turned on to see her so sexy in revealing outfits and to see guys look at her constantly with me knowing what they are wishing to do with her! It's even better when they dance with her. I see them grinding up against her, and I know she has only a thong on and sometimes nothing underneath! She gets felt up out there all the time. Because of that, it has led to us having three male/male/female threesomes. It is the hottest thing to see her go at it with the guy! She knows she is dressed so sexy, and she does it because she is dying to have guys give her all this extra attention and then possibly have sex with them! She and I have the most awesome sex ourselves after these experiences. When we recall it, it gets us both so turned on!

— Lou, 47