My Best Friend's Girl

One night, I went to my friend's house to hang out. His girlfriend was also there. I always had a thing for her. She was beautiful in every way. After dinner and some small talk, she moved next to me on the couch, really close, and put her hand on my thigh. Shocked, I looked at my friend. He just gave me a grin and then he moved to the other side of her. Her sweet smell and her hand instantly gave me an erection. I was wearing sweat shorts, and it was really obvious. She looked and said, "Someone's happy to see me," to my friend and proceeded to rub me. Stunned, I looked at my friend and started to get up. He nodded and motioned to go with it. In total disbelief, I let her. He started rubbing her as she planted a passionate kiss on me. He and I always said how cool it would be to do a threesome with a girl since we were in high school, and here it was happening. He said, "Let's move to the bedroom." Before I knew it, all three of us were naked, and he and I were making out with her. She was so horny that my friend and I must have had sex with her five times each. The next morning while he was still asleep, she and I went at it again. I thought he was asleep the whole time, but when we finished he said, "Can I go back to sleep now?" No one could have a better friend.

— Tyrone, 25