Here, Try These On

I was experiencing some serious leg cramps recently so I thought I'd go to see my doctor. My mother-in-law told me she had the same problem, but she started to wear support stockings at the suggestion of her doctor's nurse. She said they helped alleviate the problem right away. She then went to her bedroom and returned holding some stockings. She looked at me and said, "Here, Try These On." I took them and I could feel they were more elastic than the stockings my wife wears. I slipped them on and I could feel something going on down below that felt rather good. In fact, the longer I wore them, the better they felt. My legs felt invigorated and the fatigue and cramping seemed to go away. In addition, they felt extremely sensual. I opened my robe and showed her my excitement. She seemed in awe when she saw me. She smiled and gave me some relief. I love these nylons; I really do.

— Mark, 23