Hard Partying

My wife had started cheating on me six weeks after we got married and I told her I wouldn't put up with that. In reality, I was glad because I met a couple at a bar the night before and was asked to come party. I turned them down, but this now gave me the opportunity to rethink that decision. I went back and ran into the wife. She smiled when she saw me; I went over to her and we started drinking and flirting. I asked where her husband was and she frowned, saying he left on business. I too frowned and told her that was too bad because I wanted to party. She smiled and said, "We still can." I left with her. When we got back to her place, we started kissing. She said she'd be right back, to go ahead and get into the bed. I was so excited. After a few minutes, she didn't come back in. I asked if everything was okay and got no response. I laid there a little longer and the bedroom door opened up. In came the biggest black guy. He was six feet seven with huge muscles and tattoos all over him. He was wearing jeans, but no shirt. One tattoo on his chest said "white boy destroyer," and I got super nervous, but excited and the same time. She came in behind him and said, "I brought him to party." We partied hard all night and even brought my wife into it.

— Patrick, 45