As long as I can remember, I have always crossdressed. My earliest memory is when I would wear my mum's bathing suit, which was black satin. I do remember her wearing it on the beach, but don't recall her ever swimming in it. The feeling I had was not sexual in any way, I just liked the feel of the material. My parents took me to a holiday center for two weeks and while they enjoyed the entertainment, I amused myself by searching the communal drying room, which always had plenty of ladies' swimsuits, of which I had become addicted to wearing. I would wear them in one of the toilets for a while, and then with my clothes on top, to the communal bathrooms where I would fill a bath and lay in it until the water started to get cool. I would then return it to the drying area, where it probably would be nicely dried by next day. A few years later, I started to get attracted to ladies' lingerie and clothing; by this time, I had grown up and got a bit bigger, so my mum's things didn't fit, except for a black satin corset with garter straps which I could still squeeze into. I managed to buy a pair of stockings with my pocket money which I wore with the corset. That's when I started to feel a sense of excitement when wearing female attire and from that time on, anything went. I took every opportunity to crossdress with any woman's clothing when possible. When I first met my first wife, we were having a passionate moment and when I asked her if she wanted to do it she said, "No, not until we are married." I came right out and asked her if I could wear her clothes to simulate sex. Again, she said no and it was never mentioned again. I have managed to keep on crossdressing throughout my two marriages without being caught. If I was caught now, I don't know how my wife would react as she is not very interested in this sort of thing. It has been many years since we had sex together as my wife disliked it and she is much older than myself. I have had to revert to pleasuring myself to satisfy my urges. We are both still very much in love with each other and this second time makes forty-five years of marriage. I am at present seventy-six years old and still feel sexually active and so I continue to crossdress to this day. In fact, I am sitting here with my wife watching TV and I am wearing pantyhose, panties, and a bra under my clothing. I wonder if any reader is experiencing the same situation. By the way, I have a sissy name of Christina Cross.

— Paul, 76